America Paz’s Fluorescent 6-String Is One Of The Year’s Most Unusual Basses

America Paz’s Fluorescent 6-String Is One Of The Year’s Most Unusual Basses

Chilean bassist America Paz has teased a new video featuring a fanned-fret Dingwall NG3 bass, which she calls the ‘Sailor Bass.’ It’s been finished by South American artist El Miedo, who was also behind the artwork for her new album, Message From The Stars. “El Miedo was a tattoo artist,” says America. “He gave me a tattoo of Sailor Moon on my left thumb, but he later decided to focus on illustrations and paintings instead. I always liked his art.”

Of her custom artwork America enthuses, ”Like my tattoo, the bass is also inspired by the Sailor Moon anime series. El Miedo made a design proposal for me and I loved it. I knew that if he was able to design my tattoo then he could also do the same on a bass.”

America also wanted the paintwork to be as interactive as possible. “Depending on the type of lighting that’s reflected on the bass, it triggers a visual effect that makes the imagery come to life. It sometimes looks as though it lights itself.”

In terms of America’s bass parts, there’s no shortage of virtuosity on show, but it’s not at the expense of hooks and melodies. “I study a lot,” she says. “I try to listen to many different musical styles, so I can have a wider language. In terms of technique I try to play softly to be able to get a defined sound and at the same time play with speed.”

Always a fan of six-string bass guitars, America has played a Dingwall for two years. She explains, “To me, Dingwall is a perfect bass. People think it’s a bass made only for playing Djent and metal music, but it can also sound sweet and crystalline. With this artwork it has become the bass of my dreams.”

America’s new album Message From The Stars is streaming now on Spotify(opens in new tab)

Nick Wells


Nick Wells was the Editor of Bass Guitar magazine from 2009 to 2011, before making strides into the world of Artist Relations with Sheldon Dingwall and Dingwall Guitars. He’s also the producer of bass-centric documentaries, Walking the Changes and Beneath the Bassline, as well as Production Manager and Artist Liaison for ScottsBassLessons. In his free time, you’ll find him jumping around his bedroom to Kool & The Gang while hammering the life out of his P-Bass.

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